How to clean your pillows.

I want to thank  Anna Aamone who runs Professional Cleaners N1 for this great tutorial  post on cleaning your pillows in a environmentally friendly way. JEM


Eco Pillow Cleaning Tutorial

Usually washing pillow cases is the easiest part of maintaining your pillows in a good and neat condition. They can easily be hand-washed or you can simply throw them in the washer and you’re ready to go. However, let’s not forget cleaning what’s inside the pillow case should not be neglected either. Depending on the stuffing not all types of pillows can be dry-cleaned with chemicals. On the other hand if you’re not cleaning your pillows regularly they will surely be transformed in a breeding ground for bacteria, skin cells and all kinds of allergens. You’re wondering how to do it in an ECO friendly manner? Follow this tutorial and you’ll see!

Step 1 – Begin with a Pillow test

In some cases pillows cannot be saved. You should know when it’s worth trying to clean your pillows and when the time to throw them in the garbage container has come. To figure it out perform this simple pillow test. Fold the pillow in half and if it bounces back right away then you can proceed to wash and clean it. If it doesn’t, maybe disposing of it would be a better idea.

Step 2 – Dust Before You Wash

Before you proceed with the pillow cleaning process, it would be best if you try and dust the pillows as best as you can. This way you will remove at least partially some of the skin cells, dust and allergens your pillow has collected. This step will also enhance the results of the washing. Take your pillow outside and pinch it with a peg on the clothes line on your balcony or in the yard. Then using your hand or a dolly dust the pillow by beating it as energetically as possible.pillows-820149_960_720

Step 3 – It’s Wash Time

Now that you have at least partially removed the dust and allergens from your pillows, you can proceed to place it in the washing machine. Put two pillows in at a time but don’t forget to squeeze out as much air from the insides as you can. As you can imagine for optimal results you should use hot water and some mild ECO friendly detergent. Read the labels before you buy your detergents or look for the ECO friendly sign on the front. Feel free to add some baking soda for a pleasant smell and some vinegar as it will rid your pillows of mildew. For some additional fragrance you can add a few drops of essential oil – we personally prefer lavender or Lilly-of-the-valley but you may choose any fragrance you like.

Step 4 – Time to Dry

Once your pillows are washed, you should do your best to remove as much moisture as you can for a quick drying. To do that you may use a few tennis balls. All you have to do is place them in two or three socks (depending on the number of the balls). The socks should be clean, mind you. Then tie them in a knot and use them to beat as much moisture out of the pillow as possible. Then you can either use a dryer or if you live farther from the center of the city where there is less traffic you can opt for hanging your pillows in the sun to dry. Before you place them back on the bed, smell them to make sure there isn’t much moisture left.

green-bed-pillows-mBonus Step – Prevention is the Key

Remember prevention is the best way to keep your pillows clean and at their very best. That’s why you should make sure you fluff them regularly, every day even – this will help dust and allergens to escape and will prevent the stuffing from clumping. Also each month you should air your pillows outside to avoid the bad smell. Putting a waterproof pillow protector underneath your fabric pillow case can also be very helpful.

Keep in mind nothing on earth is meant to last for eternity. You should wash your pillows with non toxic safe detergents three, even four times a year to remove all allergens but there always comes a time when you must buy new ones.

The tutorial is provided by Anna Aamone who runs Professional Cleaners N1

Don’t forget to text your pillows today and see if they are worth saving? I am pretty sure I have a few that are not savable. Do you wash your pillows regularly?


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  1. Jem, thanks for bringing this very helpful tutorial of cleaning pillows. Very interesting and I will check my pillows out today. It is cleaning day today. I would rather blog than clean but it is great once it is done.
    Thanks for bringing this to the Blogger’s Pit Stop

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