How to Holistically Manage Stress

Let’s talk about stress. Everyone feels stressed at some point in our lives if not daily. It doesn’t matter if you’re a kid, teen or adult. Stressors are everywhere and show up when we least expect it. Some people suffer from stress daily, but for most people it comes in spurts. Stress affects everyone differently, but it does affect everyone. No matter how healthy you are, stress can and will still strike; without notice. Not all stress is a bad thing though. Stress can help you rethink a situation, open your eyes to an unhealthy lifestyle or even make you a stronger person. Knowing how to utilize and manage your stress is fundamental to your growth. There can be good stress and bad stress, it’s a about how you manage it.

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So, what is stress? Is it a noun, a verb or a state of being? YES, it is all of the above.

Don’t forget that diamonds are just a piece of coal that was under a world of stress and transformed into something beautiful. If you effectively manage your good and bad stresses you will move past any issues that could become anxiety and panic attacks. Learning to manage your stress will make diamonds out of your coal.20160303_142749

Here are some holistic ideas to help start managing your stress:

All of Stress Management methods will help your brain produce the correct amount of cortisol. Cortisol is the stress hormone your brain produces. Sometimes your brain can over produce, this is when you need to utilize your stress Management methods to remind your brain to slow down and start over.

Sleep: I am not talking about sleeping all day. You cannot sleep your problems away. You have to have a healthy sleep routine. Getting the correct amount of sleep daily will help your brain produce less cortisol. With 6-8 hours of sleep you can wake up, refreshed and ready to take on the new day!

Exercise: I know this can be a stressor for some people. It is for me. I always feel like I just don’t have enough time to fit in a good workout. I counter act that will short walks and yoga stretches when I can. Exercise also lowers your cortisol levels. Even if you only walk around the block at least you took a few minutes to clear your head and get moving.

Yoga: Yoga helps us become one with ourselves and relax. Daily and weekly yoga classes, in person or online will teach you how to become more mindful and learn what your body needs. You will get fit without the high impact of traditional exercise, all while strengthening your mind too.


Burning incense and color candles help add a relaxing ambiance to your home.

Morning routine: Having a good morning routine can get your day started. Try waiting 30 minutes before you pick up your phone. This will allow you to have your own thoughts before being influenced by anyone else’s. IT WILL WAIT. Drink a big glass of (lemon) water to rehydrate your body before putting anything else in your body. Stretching and journaling first thing will also help your body and mind get in the right mood for a sparkly day. Even if you only write a few things your grateful for at first you will be surprised how

fast this can change your attitude. Morning routines get your mind started flowing in the right direction.

Meditation: Looking within yourself is a perfect way to learn to manage stress. You will learn what your triggers are and how to breathe through them. Before you journal in the morning or evening is a perfect time to sit down and do some deep soul searching. Try guided meditations on YouTube; they are free and help. The more you practice the easier it to breathe through the panic attacks and times you feel things are falling apart.

Diet: Everyone I know hates when I bring up diet. BUT it is true and important. What youholistically manage stress put into your body affects you tremendously. Processed foods change the way your brain produces hormones and how you body burns energy. Eating clean wholes foods provide you with the vitamins and minerals your body needs to create the correct amount hormones and energy to keep up with the day. Having enough Magnesium and Omega-3’s is important for your body to combat stress.

Eat Clean. Think Clean.

Sometimes the above options are just not enough and you need to boost your brain with some stronger tools. Using Herbal and Aroma therapy can boost your normal practices and medicines. You always want to consult your doctor before starting any alternative therapies, but they can be a great tool to utilize.

Herbs: There are many ways to use herbs to combat stress. You can drink teas, take a capsule or tincture. You can cook with herbs fresh or dry and even use them as aromatherapy. If you would like to find out more about how to reduce and manage stress with herbs come over to Reducing Stress with Herbs.


Aromatherapy: Using aromatherapy to reduce stress is very common. Using essential oils is easiest way to start an aromatherapy practice. I do not use fragrance oils because they are synthetic. I like the pure oil to smell and put on my body. You can use products made with oils or put the oil on your skin. Burning incense and oil diffusers will help your whole household.  You can learn more about Reducing Stress with Essential Oils here. 

Once you learn to manage your stress you will find so much love for life. Your outlook becomes brighter and lighter. You feel like you can do anything. Living a stress free life may not be a reasonable goal but living a stress managed life is. Using the above stress management methods will help your coal turn into diamonds.

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Please read this disclaimer before you start any alternative therapies you may have read about on JEM’s Eclectic Home.

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19 thoughts on “How to Holistically Manage Stress

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  2. When I’m stressed I exercise. I workout hard or go for a long run and I feel so much more relaxed in my mind afterwards. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us at #OvertheMoon link up. I particularly like the point about watching what types of food we eat.

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  4. If I feel stressed, I just have to get out and walk in fresh air. It does wonders to clear my head and thinking. Of course I combine some of your other good points like diet and sleep. Your point of a good morning routine is so true.
    Thanks for helping our readers in the Bloggers Pit Stop

  5. Thanks for sharing on Let’s Get Real Friday Party. All of your ideas are spot on. When one of my clients does those things, their stress reduces and their lives change. 🙂

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