How To Make A Harness For your Elf.

We wanted to share how we make a safety harness for our elf to do fun activities like zip lining, hanging from the ceiling fan like mission impossible or even rappelling from toy helicopters.

How to make a harness for your elf.

We used 550 cord or sometimes known as paracord. You can also use yarn, string and ribbon. We just thought 55o cord was stronger.

How to make a safety harness for your elf.

Step One

Step One: Wrap cord around your elves back. Make sure you have equal lengths of string left over.

Step Two:  Cross over the strings.

Step Two

Step Two

Step Three: Wrap strings around elf’s back and back around to the front through his/her legs.

Step three

Step three

Step Four: Thread the long strings around the bottom part of the X on your elf’s Chest. Creating a loop like look. Bring both strings back towards each other.

How to make a safety harness for your elf

Step Four

Step Five: Turn your elf over, it should look a lot like the below picture.

Step Five

Step Five

Elf Safety Harness

Step Six A

Step Six: Tie a square knot.(Left over right, Right over left)

Elf Safety Harness

Step Six B

Step Seven: Bend a paper clip to become a “hook” for your elf.

Elf Safety Harness

Step Seven

Now your can harness your elf to do any fun activities.

Elf Safety Harness

Our Elf Zip lined through the living room.

Elf Safety Harness

Close up of Red Red Fred Zip Lining

Elf Safety Harness

He is nice and safe hanging there.

Happy Holidays!


PS: If your elf Falls you can always check out this post Here for advice!

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6 thoughts on “How To Make A Harness For your Elf.

  1. this is a really cute idea – an abseiling elf off the shelf would be fun for the kids to see! thanks for sharing at our #OTM link up 🙂 ~ Leanne

    • My Moms feels the same way. It is a ton of fun. Yesterday our elf hid so well they couldn’t find him. He was in the dryer. Mr JEM was so silly. Maybe someone will invent something cool to do for long distant. Do your Grandchildren have their own elf at home?

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