Paw Wax

The Furry Friends Herbal Paw Protection and Moisturizer.

The winter weather has my dog’s paws dry and sore. Shadow is not alone in her paw problems. By now lots of pups are experiencing winter paw burn from the icy ground that is covered with ice melt, salt and other chemicals. I wanted to make a paw product that would help protect and heal dry chapped paw pads. I remember sharing a video on JEM’s Eclectic Home’s Facebook page a few months ago that created a paw salve that claims to adds some extra protection for pets paws, over the winter months. By keeping the snow from collecting between the pads of dogs paws and creating a barrier for the ice melt on the frozen ground. I knew exactly what I had to make my furry pawed friend…some extra paw protection!


I wanted to use ingredients that would help protect and moisturize the pets paws. It had to create a layer on their skin while outside, but also absorb quickly to not create a mess on the floor or furniture. It had to be pet friendly and digestible, since pets lick their paws.

Paw Wax ingredients:

Bees Wax

Herbal Infused Oil

Coconut Oil

IMG_8189Ingredient Information:

Bees wax is the best wax to use for animals because it is safe to ingest, protects and soothes skin but is also easily and quickly absorbed into skin and hair (in this case fur). It hardens in cold temperatures and is water resistant keeping your pets paws dry.

Herbal Infused oils: I wanted something that would help add moisture to chapped dry paw pads. I already had a herbal infused oil on hand from making JEM’s Eclectic Home’s Soft Kisses Lip Moisturizer. This infused oil was perfect for a Paw Wax. It protects, moisturizes and soothes rough dry skin, using chamomile, green tea and calendula herbs infused in a blend of almond oil, olive oil and sunflower oil. 

Coconut oil is a solid oil in temperatures below 76 degrees but also conditions skin quickly when it is applied to warmed skin. It is safe for animals to ingest and will condition their pads well. While staying hard in cool temperatures it will add an extra layer of protection
to the harsh winter environment.

Here is how I made it:

I used a double boiler and melted down the bees wax, coconut oil and herb infused oil. Once all of the ingredients were melted I dipped a silicon spatula in the mixture and set it aside to let cool. It was just the right consistency I wanted the Paw Wax to have.

How to use Paw Wax:

Apply generously to your pets paws before taking them for a walk or letting them outside to play.


You can find JEM’s Eclectic Home’s Paw Wax already made and ready to apply at JEM’s Eclectic Home’s Etsy Store.

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