Reducing Stress with Essential Oils

*Always check with a medical professional before starting any alternative therapies*

All oils have different healing properties, just like the plant the oil comes from. Reducing stress with essential oils is almost the same as when you use herbs. When you are using essential oils for healing ailments you want to make sure you are not getting fragrance oils. There is a difference between essential oils and fragrance oils. You want to make sure you are getting pure essential oils. Essential oils are extracted, distilled or expressed straight from the plant. Fragrance oils are synthetically produced and can cause more interactions with your body._MG_7547

Essential oils can be used many ways to reduce stress. You can add them to your body and cleaning products, dryer sheets/balls, diffuse them, candles and warmers, aromatherapy jewelry and even create great oil blends to wear as colon or perfume. Some oils can be taken orally by capsule or adding them to your drink or food. Always do some research before ingesting or applying oils straight to your skin.  Testing oils on the inside of your wrist is a great way to find out if you will have any skin reactions to the essential oils you choice to start using.

What oils help reduce stress?

  • Lavender
  • Frankincense
  • Chamomile
  • Rosemary
  • Lemon grass
  • Cinnamon
  • Rose wood
  • Rose
  • Bergamot
  • Ylang ylang
  • Lemon
  • Marjoram
  • Vetiver
  • Vanilla
  • Geranium
  • Any mint
  • Any citrus

IMG_7529Blends: You can find lots of stress reducing blends out on the market with many brand names on the bottles. Remember you are probably paying more for the brand name then the oils themselves. You can get a great deal on pure therapeutically grade oils at Bulk Apothecary they offer 100’s of essential oils and essential oil blends.

When looking for an oil blend you want to make sure they were not created from synthetic oils. We want to stay pure with our essential oils. Many aromatherapy blends are made with synthetic oils instead of essential. Synthetic or fragrance oils will hold a great strong scent but are not healthy for your skin or environment. No matter if you are placing them on your body or burning them, they are still not pure. Synthetically made oils will have some chemicals in them, which can cause your brain to produce hormones incorrectly. We learned in, How to Holistically Reduce Stress, that using processed foods are not good for our cortisol levels, either is synthetically created oils.

You can create your own blends out of the list of essential oils above or look for ones with these oils in them. Most stress reducing blends will say that is what they do._MG_7541

How to use oils to reduce stress:

Roller ball tubes: Roller ball tubes are great for applying your stress reducing blend of
choice. You would use it to apply topically directly to your skin. Always use carrier oil with your essential oil blend. Carrier oils help dilute the essential oils that can irritate your skin.

Warmers/Diffusers: Oil warmers and diffusers can come in all forms and sizes. Find one that provides a little more Zen to your home, car or office. You can place the essential oil and blends right into the warmer or diffuser without diluting.  I like to add the oils to a little bit of water when using a warmer. Using warmers and diffusers help your whole family by sending off a light aroma throughout the area. This is a great way to improve your environmental health.

Baths: Drawling a bath is a great way to reduce stress. Adding stress reducing essential oils to your bath gives the bathing experience an extra stress reducing boost you will love.

My “Calgon, take me away” bath is:

  •  ¼ c Baking soda
  • ¼ c Dead Sea salts
  • 1 tbs Dr Bonners lavender liquid soap
  • 15 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 15 drops of chamomile essential oil
  • 15 drops of peppermint, eucalyptus or vanilla essential oils

Diffuser jewelry: Using diffuser jewelry is a great way to wear essential oils. You can find stylish clay bead bracelets and special diffuser lockets to add a few drops of oils to. The lockets have a cotton insert that you place a few drops of oils on and then hideaway in your special diffuser locket. You can just add a few oils to the clay beads too. A few drops gives you a few hours of aromatherapy all while accessorizing your outfit.

Breathing: If you are feeling very overwhelmed and need a fast way to use essential oils. Place a few drops on a cotton ball or tissue and use it to breath in the great stress reducing aroma.

Place 2-3 drops of your favorite stress reducing oil on a cotton ball. With your cotton ball in your hands, cup your hands near your nose and take a deep breath in through your nose, counting to seven then out through your mouth counting to ten. Repeat three times. Next breathe in fresh air, three times the same way. Repeat the breathing sequence up to 10 times; breathing in the aroma and out the stress. Breathing is a great way to reduce stress adding essential oils will just give it an extra kick._MG_7547

Body Products: Using essential oils in your body products are another to have the long lasting effects of stress reducing oils. You can buy products made with essential oils or add them to the products you already have. I like to add 1 drop for every ounce of product. (Example: I add tea tree oil to all our shampoo and conditioner as soon as we buy it. I put 24 drops of oil in a bottle that has 24 ounces of shampoo.) Oils can be added to any product gel, lotion, shampoo and body washes. I like to add them to liquid better then salves and balms. AWAYS shake well! If you need a salve or balm is would be best to make or buy these products, adding extra oils will change the consistency or not blend well.

Aromatherapy can help your brain shift from overwhelmed to calm in a matter of a few whiffs. Using pure essential oils is a great way to help reduce stress. There are many oils and oil blends that are known to reduce stress. You might need to test a few out before you find the ones that work best for you and your family, but once you do, you will be amazed by the power of essential oils have. Try a few oils and techniques listed above. Experimenting is part of the process to improve your wellness.

How do you use oils to reduce stress?

*Always check with a medical professional before starting any alternative therapies*

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  3. Thank you for such an informative post and I didn’t realise the number of essential oils that can help with stress. Thanks for sharing with us at #OvertheMoon.

    • Your welcome, Thanks for stopping by. When i looked up the oils i was shocked how many there was too. I only knew of a few off the top of my head. I guess different things help different people. maybe they are actually just a tool to get our brains to stop and restart??

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  5. Rose oil for stress relief. I wonder if that is why girls love roses so much. Thanks for the info, stress relief is something I need.
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  6. This was perfect! I have just begun using essential oils recently and appreciate this post. I didn’t realize that a lot of my favorite fragrances are relaxing ones. Makes sense! Thank you for sharing this! #OverTheMoon

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    Oil diffuser is very good for health. you suggest some product of essential oils. Thank you for your nice post. If you can maintain a regular routine I hope you get a better result.

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