The 6 Components of Wellness: Intellectual Health

The 6 Components of Wellness: Intellectual Health

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The 6 Components of Wellness: Spiritual Health

The 6 Components of Wellness: Spiritual Health

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Can you have wellness and chronic pain?

I have been trying to write a wellness vs. healthiness blog for about a week, I even had it all scheduled and drafted out. So that yesterday I could sit down and just type it up and post it. BUT the chronic pain kicked in. I drank my lemon water and did my yoga routine that usually helps my lower back and hip; it just seemed to continue to get worse. I ended up back in bed, thinking who am I to write a wellness and health article, when I can barely get out of bed today. I decided to call my mentor and she reminded me that maybe my story will touch someone and that I should share it anyway.

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Today I sit here repeating my new mantra,

I am not my body. I am more; my body cannot stop my mind.

Maybe this shouldn’t be a blog about wellness vs. healthiness, maybe I should write about “Can you have wellness and chronic pain at the same time?” My pain comes and goes; I will have a few good weeks and then a few bad weeks, because I have 4 children and a husband that is gone a lot with work, I push through, but I know my limits. Some days I am knocked on my ass; but I still find a way to keep myself moving forward.

Does this make me unwell or unhealthy? No, I do not think so.

Why? You may think.

First we have to talk about what wellness is. What is wellness?

Wellness is defined as the quality or state of being healthy in mind and body, especially as the result of deliberate effort. Wellness is the state of living a healthy lifestyle to better your mind, body and soul. The answer to why is right in the definition. Wellness is a lifestyle, a journey, which means you are continually working towards the goal of having a healthy life. If you continually look for new ways to balance the six components of wellness, you are living a healthy lifestyle; which is what wellness ultimately is.

The six components to wellness are:

  1. Physical health
  2. Mental and emotional health
  3. Intellectual health
  4. Social health
  5. Environmental health
  6. Spiritual health

You will need to continually work towards wellness and health. Working on all six components of wellness is how you achieve an overall level of better health. The interesting thing is that all six components work together. When you start to work towards your physical health your mental and emotional health grows. With the growth of mental and emotional health your spiritual health will start to change. As you learn to be physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy you will gain intellectual health. As you grow you will learn to become more socially and environmentally healthy because you will start to surround yourself with like minded people and clean up your environment. It’s all one; it’s all intertwined in a big giant ball of enlightenment. This is what we all should be working towards anyway.

There are many ways to start your wellness journey. Here are a few…

Physical health: A clean food diet, exercise, using chemical free cleaning and body products.

Mental and emotional health: Therapy, finding a life coach, meditation, a daily of practice gratitude, removing negative people from your life.

Intellectual health: research and learning new things, going back to school

Social health: removing negative people from your life, finding groups and people that have like minded lifestyles or have made similar positive life choices.

Environmental health: recycling, decluttering your home, being paper and plastic free, reducing waste, becoming chemical free.

Spiritual health: meditation, prayer, yoga

Life is not a race. It is okay to take it one step at a time. Even if you do not feel like you have wellness or even that you could, I believe that you are not alone. There are many ways to change that feeling, even if you are not physically able to work out daily; as long as you are working towards a healthy lifestyle and fighting to have balance of the six components of wellness, you are already there. There is nothing wrong with starting small, because that is how journeys start. Wellness is a journey even you are worthy of taking.2015-09-28 19.09.47

Namaste <3


* Updated* The Grounded Gardener: French Marigolds (Tagetes Patula)

There are many kinds of Marigolds; today I am going to write about French Marigolds (Tagetes Patula). Marigold can be a lovely addition to any garden and can be planted in flower beds or pots. They bring a beautiful range of bright color into your life. I have noticed that my marigolds change color with their bloom cycle, first is normally a bright orange then once the orange blossoms die off, a deep red with yellowish orange stripe blossom blooms. I say my marigolds are now 3 generations old. Basically I haven’t bought a marigold seed or plants in 3 years. You 20150901_091151can easily collect seeds from your plants. It is good to continually collect your marigold seeds because commercially bought plants have neonicotinoids sprayed on them; which kills bees. Bees, butterflies and hummingbirds love the strong aroma and bright color of marigolds.

It is best to plant marigolds after the last frost. When planting marigolds you want to sow the seed about an inch into the soil of the pot or bed, making sure they are covered with dirt. I’ve gotten my best results when they are planted 3-4 inches apart. The seeds sprout fast, within 2 weeks; you will see budding and blooms in 6 to 8 weeks. They are perfect for edging walkways and driveways. They can bloom from late spring and can continue to bloom well into the fall. French marigolds can grow very bushy.

They are a very hardy flowering plant. Marigolds are so easy to grow; they don’t have a preference on soil. Actually, they will bloom more in poor to average soil, and grow larger foliage in very good soil. They enjoy drying out between watering which makes it a great plant to grow in high drought areas; but they grow well in any climate if they have enough space.20150901_091124-1

Since marigolds keep away many harmful bugs they make great companion plants. Planting marigolds between and around your vegetable garden will help keep an insect free crop; they deter many bugs including whitefly, cockroaches, and mosquitoes. After about 3-4 months of growth they start to secrete an insecticide from their roots, which is effective against nematodes and keel slugs. Marigolds not only deter bugs they are also not likely to suffer from many diseases.

Seed collecting is super easy with marigolds, the blossoms produce the seed. As the flower dies off the seed20150901_095926 forms inside the blossom; you just need to break open the dried flower head and you will see the long black seeds. There are many individual seeds in one blossom. At this point you can either sow more marigolds into another open space in your garden or store them in a cool dry place for next year.

My research about French Marigolds suggested they can be used for many different herbal remedies and are edible. I would suggest you do some research before you start just eating them. Some of the things I found they can be used for are; refreshing drinks and salads, their leaves and oil can be used for flavoring food, and the dried flowers can be used for coloring of food (alternative to Saffron) or dying eggs and fabric. Marigolds may even be used to treat indigestion, colic, severe constipation, coughs and dysentery. You can also use it externally to help sore eyes or rheumatism and in bug spray. The leaves should be used fresh and the flowers can be dried for later use. Remember; ALWAYS do your own research before using any herbal the bees

So collect your seeds and save the bees.

Namaste <3


Don’t B!+ch About it; Be About it!

Complaining: Everyone does it.

Living in a military community, in a desert city, I hear a LOT of people complaining. We all complain constantly. I hear any of the following phrases at least once a day; it’s not green, there are no trees, it’s too hot, there’s nothing to do, it’s so windy. And that’s just about the area we live in, I have not even touched on how much we all can complain about the military it’s self. Trust me, there’s plenty.

Even family members and friends that are outside of the military community complain, CONSTANTLY. Everyone Vidya-Sury-Stop-Complaining-2one does it. I am not saying I never complain; I am guilty of it just like the next person. What I am saying is, maybe we should all start to think about what we are complaining about and try to fix that part of our lives.

I notice that when I am around people that complain a lot, I also start to remember what I have to complain about, I start to become wrapped up in this spiral of negative and ungrateful thinking. My mind, body and soul suffers, the people around me seem to become more and more draining. I let go of the house. My dreams and ambitions slowly take a back burner till I am at the point of only doing what I HAVE TO DO. It becomes a downward spiral of…well…DOOM.

That’s not who I am, that’s not how I want to live. I am a beautiful, happy go lucky, full of life person that loves herself and her family and is thankful for the life that the universe has provided.

Is that how you want to live?

miracle-of-gratitudeIt is a journey to get out of a downward spiral of DOOM, which needs to be revisited daily, through practices of gratitude and mindfulness. Use of self love exercises and mantras can help reset your mind to a more positive outlook on life. Decluttering your home and life will also help to remind yourself how grateful you can be of the things you do have (instead of thinking about all of the things we want). There are plenty of ways to help you turn your life around. If you are willing to stop the negative thought cycle and I believe a regular practice of gratitude is a great place to start.

Here are a few ways to help you get started:

Once you start thinking more positively and remember to be thankful regularly, life seems to start to fall back in place. Your relationships will grow with the people that honor your healthy choices and you will know who is truly there for you. Stress will be easier to control and your body will feel better too. You might even start to lose some weight. Becoming grateful and positive is a perfect way to start on your journey towards happiness.

Have you practiced gratitude or complainitude today?


Namaste <3