The 6 Components of Wellness: Intellectual Health

Throughout the 6 Components of Wellness series I have touched base on how to improve your overall wellness by improving different aspects of life: Physical Health, Emotional and Mental Health, Social Health, Environmental Health and Spiritual Health. We’ve learned how they are all tied together and work with each other to improve your overall health and wellness. This means we already started to work on and learn about the last component…Intellectual health.The 6 Components of Wellness: Intellectual Health

An Intellectually well person uses any and all resources available to them to expand their knowledge, improve their skills and create an environment that has the potential for sharing what they know with others.

It is very easy in today’s society to expanded your knowledge and share it with others. There are people sharing their knowledge literally everywhere…bloggers, YouTubers, apps, online classes, at community centers and libraries. How to and self-help sections are taking over book stores. If you feel you aren’t learning something new daily then I think you might not be spending your time wisely. Albert Einstein said “Intellectual growth commences at birth and ceases at death”. We should continually be learning and studying. It keeps your mind sharp and your health improving. Even if you’re not learning how to improve your overall health you are still improving it by keeping your brain working.

How to start to improve your intellectual health:

Pick a new topic to learn about. Picking a topic to learn about can be anything that interests you. You can pick anything from new job skills to becoming a better cook. If there is a craft or hobby you have been wishing to try, I say do it now! You won’t know what you are good at if you sit around waiting for an opportunity. You have to create your own opportunities.

Research. Study. Learn. Once you have decided on what you want to learn, start finding ways to research that topic. As you learn more about the topic you picked you will start to find sub topics that might interest you as well. Continue branching out into these new sub topics. This is how you master a subject and continually better your intellectual health.

Share, share, share. Sharing is caring. Sharing and teaching what you have learned shows the world (and you) that you have mastered a subject. It also opens up opportunities for others. This is how we learn more, by opening up communication about your interests and topics. Having a great dialogue or discussion with others about what you are learning is a great way to find new topics and interests to study about.  This is a perfect way to find like minded people and help you better your social health too.

The 6 Components of Wellness: Intellectual Health

Learn, Think, Share. It is that easy.

Rebekah Borucki is one of the many people I follow to help move along my wellness journey. She is always saying that our life’s purpose is to “love and be loved; to learn and to teach”

Still unsure where to start?

Normally the best place to start is with the nagging thoughts or ideas you have been having for a long time. You have to look inside yourself for what you need to improve on. You already know, you just have to pay attention to what your gut is telling you. Trusting your instincts is a great way to improve your spiritual and intellectual health.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. –Mark Twain

Try starting with your own health and wellness:

  • Physical Health: Learn how to be chemical free, cook whole foods, the exercise routine that is best for you.
  • Mental and Emotional health: Learn to be stress free and meditate. Learn what keeps your mental health strong.
  • Social Health: Sharing what you are learning will help you strengthen your social health by finding like minded people. You then can share what you are learning and learn from them too. Also reach out to people who are already doing something you’re into, they can help guide you in your path as well.
  • Environmental Health: Find a way you can help clean up your environment, community or even the planet if that interests you.
  • Spiritual Health: Tie your intellectual health into spiritual health by studying an aspect of your own religious path that you don’t know much about, or by broadening your worldliness and exploring a differing religion/spiritual philosophy.
  • Gardening: Try your hand at growing new things. Learning to grow food, herbs and other plants will change your overall health in many ways.
  • Crafting: Learning new crafts will open your world up to new talents you didn’t even know you had. Crafting keeps your body, mind and soul growing and sharp. It can warm your heart.
  • Declutter: You might find something you forgot about. Plus having a tidy house will keep your mind clear too.

You have to create your own opportunities to grow intellectually. Once you realize your life’s happiness and opportunities are in your control, and no one else’s, the world becomes a beautiful place.

Start improving your intellectual health today; there is no reason to wait any longer.  Pick the topic you want to learn about. Research and study about the topic. Then find people to talk about your topic with.

Namaste <3


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12 thoughts on “The 6 Components of Wellness: Intellectual Health

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  3. I took things one step further and have downloaded a couple brain training apps so I can exercise my brain in addition to my body. I think its important to do exercise our brains as we get older. I’ve also downloaded a few apps to learn both Japanese, Finnish and work on logic puzzles.

  4. What a great series 6 Components of Wellness I love it. I’m a great believer in continuing to learn and develop oneself no matter what age you are. Thanks for sharing with us at #OvertheMoon link up.

    • Hey Sue, thanks for stopping by. You’re right no matter what age we should continue to learn. I love #OvertheMoon’s link up and happy to be a part of it, even if it’s just linking up.

  5. Hi Jem, thanks for bringing your words of wisdom to the Blogger’s Pit Stop. You have lots of good ideas here that need our action to see them flourish and blossom in our lives.


  6. Hi Jem

    Just wanted to say Congratulations! Your post was in my top two picks for this weeks Over the Moon Link Up. I really enjoyed reading it and also will be checking out the other posts related to the 6 Components of Wellness. Thanks for joining us and hope to see you next week.

    • Thank you so much! I feel so proud that I was in your top two! I must be doing something write! I am glad you enjoyed it, I hope you enjoy the other posts in the series.

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