**Update on the All Purpose Green Cleaner. **

I have been using only this green cleaner for about 4 years now. I love it! I will never go back to any store bought cleaner, chemical free or not. I use it on my counters, floors, tub, walls and doors, you name it I used JEM’s Green Cleaner on it. I’ve even used it to wash clothes before. I have shared it, sold it and gifted it many times; and I hear nothing but pleased responses. Not only is it cheap and easy to make; it also is safe for children and pets. All 4 of my children (ages 14-7) use it.

My friends 3 year old daughter colored all over her antique table with markers. Jem’s Green Cleaner took the marker right off without messing up the wood or finish.

This batch makes about a gallon of cleaner. It cost about $2.00 to make and last me 4 to 6 months. (Depending on how many times I need to mop the floor)meaner greener cleaner

All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate

  • ¼ cup washing soda
  • ¼ cup baking soda
  • ½ cup borax
  • 64 oz hot water
  • 1 cup liquid castile soap (I use Dr. Bronner’s magic soap)
  • 24-36 oz white vinegar
  • 50-60 drops of lavender Essential oil
  • 30-40 drops of tea tree Essential oil
  • 50- 60 drops of Eucalypts essential oil
  • 50-60 drops of lemon Essential oil

Make sure you add the vinegar to dry products before you add anything else. Shake well, once the reaction stops foaming add half the water, then add the castile soap. Shake well. Fill the bottle the rest of the way with hot water. Now add the oils. Shake well.

Makes a gallon.


To fill a spray bottle with all purpose cleaner add half water half cleaner. Shake well.

The all purpose cleaner can be use in mop bucket for floors, just add a few ounces of cleaner then fill the bucket up.


  • When using in a spray bottle add water before cleaner. The cleaner foams up less.
  • Essential oils are optional, but are not used only for their scent they have lots of properties to keep bacteria and other “germs” away. I wouldn’t use cleaner without them.
  • Sometimes adding half the water before vinegar helps with foaming but can cause dry ingredients to clump.
  • Try to find reused or recycled bottles to help keep your cost down.

Try it you WILL like it!

Namaste <3


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11 thoughts on “The MEANER, GREENER Cleaner.

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  2. This is great! I’m pinning and will definitely have to try this. I’ve heard before that mixing baking soda and vinegar causes them to cancel each other out — once the fizzing is gone, that great cleaning effect is over. I might try to mix this up without the baking soda, and then when I go to use it, sprinkle a little baking soda down first and then spray the cleaner on top. What do you think?

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  4. What a great recipe – I am excited to try it! I have made cleaners before, but this one sounds like it’s up for more rigorous jobs. Thanks for sharing on this is how we roll link party!

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